Do you know what happens when your tyres lose their grip? Do you know what to do when your car slips? In the winter it’s time again for snow and slipperiness, but even in the summer after a dry period the first rain shower can cause the road to become very slippery.

If you know what to do, you will have nothing to fear and A&M can teach you this. On an enclosed circuit we will do an extended practice on all different kinds of slips. You will learn to properly use your breaks and control the vehicle. There is plenty of space to slip, but safety first. The course is not only safe and educational, we also make sure it’s entertaining. Afte following the course, you will find that your overall driving skills will have greatly improved. This course is given in very enthusiastic fashion by Jan Hoek. For more information or to sign up, please contact us.

The costs for this course are € 139,- per person. You will drive with your own trusted vehicle. Otherwise, you could borrow a car from the circuit.

This course is also very suitable as company excursion or to bring confidence to your employees and have them drive more safely. Customisation is an option.