The CBR has decided that starting November 1st, 2017 candidates need to submit their own medical ‘gezondheidsverklaring’ to CBR with help of their DigiD. The reason for this is the privacy of the candidates, because this contains sensitive medical information. Up until now the driving school could submit this data for the candidate. However, this way the driving school got access to the mentioned medical data of the candidate. Besides that, the CBR has said that the medical information they receive will be more accurate if received directly from the candidate.

What’s important is that the candidate submits their ‘gezondheidsverklaring’ early on, so that there will be no delay in requesting a practical exam. We advice you to submit this at the same time as when you authorise the driving school at the start of your education. Click here for more information about authorising the driving school. The CBR states that there will be no delay if the candidate can answer ‘no’ to all of the mentioned questions. If there are questions to which your answer is ‘yes’ there will occur some delay in the process. For more information you can contact us.