A&M Driving Lessons Gift Card

Gift one or more scooter, motorcycle or car driving lessons! Now available from Rob, Jan or Erik.

A cake for every graduate!

Did you recently get your driver’s license at A&M Rijschool? Then you will get a delicious cake to share with your family or friends! Your cake will be personalised with a picture of your proud self with your newly achieved driver’s license!

Cinema tickets / free lesson

A&M Rijschool
If you are a student at A&M Rijschool and you recruit a friend to the driving school, then you will receive a free lesson as thanks. Did you recruit a friend, but you already have your driver’s license from A&M? Then you will receive tickets to the cinema for 2 people!

‘Volleybalvereniging VCS’ offer

As student of A&M Rijschool you can make use of our newest offer! A&M Driving School is a sponsor of ‘Volleybalvereniging VCS’ and because of this, you can get 4 free volleybal lessons when you show your lesson card. Wish to know more? Check volleybalclubsassenheim.nl or sign up at secretaris@volleybalclubsassenheim.nl.

2wheels offer

When you purchase a new scooter from 2wheels, you get a 50% discount on your scooter driving bundle at A&M Rijschool. Click here for more information on the 2wheels website.